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An Idiot in Rome

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„An Idiot in Rome” sau cum am „ratat” afacerea vietii mele.

Mai zilele trecute primesc pe Linkedin o cerere de acceptare de la cineva din Siria (Manager in Industry of Oil & Energy). Avea și o poză…din nu-mi surâdea deloc…o islamică.

My Dear,

I want to invest in your country in any good profitable business that is why I contact you.
I am Mrs. …… from Damascus Syria. My Husband die in his office when there are car bomb in his gas station in Damascus by on known people in the Capital city of our country because of political war that is going on in Syria, before the death of my husband in the hospital, he called me and told me that he deposited US 6.5 Million dollars (Six Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars) in a escrow account in a bank in London that I should make a contact in any country I can invest this money, that is why I contacted you to assist me to invest this
money in your country and in your care.
I have agreed to give you 30% of the total money after the transfer or 30% of any profit we make after investing the money in a good business in your country, nothing is moving in Syria for a long time now and I need to come over to your country as soon as this money been transfer to you so that I will come over for good hospital treatment because am sick for a long time now and am in the hospital with my only daughter.
Reply me urgently so that I will send you more details with arrangement I have made on how best this money can be transfer to you.

Best regards
Mrs. ………

Cum nu sunt un tip care pune botul i-am răspuns:

Dear ….

I’m sorry for your husband. You have a lot of money and it’s good to be careful with who you do business.


Bucuroasă de răspunsul meu mi-a scris. Redau pe scurt:
…. Name: …… Age : 40 years old, Occupation: Retired Nurse, (ceea ce nu coincidea cu profesia din Linkedin) House address: …..și mi-a reconfirmat: …. I promise to give you 30% of the total money after the transfer.

Best regards
Mrs. ………

Incepuse să-mi placă discuția și eram curios să văd până unde se va ajunge. Nu mai întâlnisem o astfel de „jemcherie”. Asta mi-a adus aminte de anii trecuți când românul nu avea bani și se ducea să schimbe o sută sau două de dolari iar „șmenăria” era în floare. Mă dusesem să schimb două sute de dolari la o casă de schimb valutar. La intrare un șmenar mi-a oferit pe o sută de dolari mai mulți bani decât oferea casa de schimb. Mi-a dat banii și i-am dat suta surprins de filatropia șmenarului. Am intrat în casa de schimb pentru cealaltă sută. N-apuc să schimb două vorbe cu caserița că apare șmenarul. „Vă dau înapoi suta de dolari și dați-mi înapoi leii că eu doream hârtii de cincizeci de dolari”, în timp ce foșnea neglijent, în mâna dreaptă, o bacnotă verde. Am spus neglijent pentru că am văzut că bacnota era de un dolar. L-am obligat să dea suta de dolari caseriței și dacă ea îmi confirmă ca este buna îi voi da leii înapoi. N-a avut ce face. Nici eu n-am avut ce face și …i-am raspuns:

Dear …..

If I understood well you want to invest some money into a business. This business can be profitable or not. The crisis we are witnessing in the world can lead to such consequences. I have a question for you. Do you assume the risk ? I do not think so. There are areas in Romania where you can invest money but there are risks. Think about this and return it with details. In what areas you want to invest ?


Convinsă ca m-a prins în „firul intins” mi-a răspuns mărindu-mi cota de la 30 la 40%.

Dear ….

Thanks for your mail update and thanks for your good understanding towards this profitable project.I want to Invest the fund in Estate properties in Romania.
Please send your Mobile number so that the financial expert Mr….who will finalize the transaction with you will contact you for better arrangement before the fund transfer to your country account in Romania.
Me and my family are still in Syria and the war is too much there now.Mr…… will give you the full details on how you will receive the fund in your account without any problem.
Our sharing ratio remain 60% for my family while 40% is your your assistance,This is 100% risk free.There is a nothing to worry or fear about OK,….bla bla bla….

Best Regards
Mrs ………

Un altul mai slab de inger, citind acest mesaj, se și vedea pe un sezlong în „Maiami bici”, mâncând șaorma la restaurantul „managerului” dinamovist, ăla ce se tot pregătea de „cempions lig”, al carui nume mi-a scăpat prin tastatură că mai nou, el dă o tura pe la „mititici”. Asa că am așteptat legătura cu Mr……expertul financiar. Iat-o:

Hello ……,

My name is (Mr ……..)A Financier expert My Client (Mrs ……..)from Syria told me to start changing the paper work of ($6.5MILLION DOLLARS)Investment fund with your name as the rightful Owner/beneficiary of the fund.
As a matter of urgency Kindly arrange your trip in person to (Rome Italy) to sign the fund release order so that the fund will release to you at the Institution Before you can be able to transfer to your nominated account of your choice in Romania.
You have only one day to be in Rome Italy to finalize the Transaction and you have to receive your fund in one working day in Rome Italy so that everything will work-out according to earlier plan.
Send your (flight schedule) to Rome so that you establish communication with the Clearing Officer who will release the fund to you in person before you lodge the fund in your company account.
Also send your (Mobile number)r so that we can talk before your trip to Rome,If you cannot go to Rome to receive the fund in person.The Diplomat Delivery company will charge some taxes before bringing the fund to Romania through Consignment packages.
Rome is more safety for the transaction,This is 100% risk free.your sharing ratio with my client Mrs Susan remains as you discuss with her through your previous mails.
This is my best of knowledge and you have to fasten-up because every arrange to release the fund on your arrival is in progress with the Institution.

wait your urgent response quick.

MR …………………

Truly-truly un fel de „trilulilu” mai englezesc. Il caut pe net. Numele lui apare pe un site și când îl deschid văd zeci de indivizi cu același nume,(nu exagerez) majoritatea americani. Tare. Ii scriu doamnei, curios de final:


Ok! You convinced me. If you say that everything is OK I’d like to help you and your family.
I expect Mr …….’s instructions.

Best Regards

Răspunsul a venit imediat:


….bla, bla, bla….You must be in Rome Italy by next week and you will require to go there with the followings :
– Your proof of Identification eg(International passport,ID card or your driver’s license.
– Your bank account details in Romania where you want to receive the funds.
– You will go there with #3,000euros cash,for the clearing and handling charge of clearing out the consignment out from the security vault in Rome Italy….

Yours in service

Parcă-l revedeam pe șmenarul din trecut cum foșnăia în mana dreaptă un dolar. Am răspuns


…bla, bla, bla…(ceva argumente) si am incheiat: It’s like we play in a movie with stupid peoples. This reminds me of the movie „An idiot in Paris”. Do You think that I will play in the new movie „An idiot in Rome” ?

S-a închis povestea. M-am uitat pe Linkedin. Fața islamicei, probabil zâmbitoare, ascunsă de văl, dispăruse.


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Mă surprind meteorologii
Toată iarna le-au mers… fulgii
Cred c-avură un temei…
S-a luat vremea dupa ei